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Overview of betting company PariMatch

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Parimatch sports betting is a rather attractive and effective tool for investing money, which, if used correctly, will profitably increase the amount of initial capital. It is not as difficult to start betting as it may seem at first sight.

If you use competent strategies, you can be successful in the first month. In this article you will learn about the main types of bets and how to start in this direction, options for finding offices with good odds and the advantages of Betting.

What kinds of sports betting are there?

All types of sports event betting are conventionally divided into three main directions: single, multiple and additional. In each direction there are different categories of bets. Get acquainted with them in details.

This direction is considered the easiest and most understandable for beginners. Single bets should be the beginning of the Betting studies. There are several types of them:

Match outcome

This type of single pari match bet involves betting on the outcome of a particular sporting event. The user can bet on the victory of one of the teams (or a player – depends on the sport) or a draw, if such a result option is stipulated by the rules of the competition.

Double chance

Here the player is offered three possible results to choose from and bets on two of them simultaneously. For example, “the first team will not lose. The bet will play if the team wins or there will be a draw (two cases).

Similarly – “the second team will not lose”. Such bets increase the probability of winning, but the odds on them will always be lower than those of an ordinary bet.

Betting on the score

This sports betting option involves betting on the number of points (goals) scored by a team or player, that is, on the score. It is possible to bet on the total “more” or “less”. It means that the team will not score more (at least) a certain number of points.

In this case, the final result (winning or losing the competition) does not matter. It is possible to bet on the total – the number of points-goals scored by both teams in total.

For example, Madrid plays against Real Madrid. Bookmaker offers a total of 4.5. You bet on the total “less”. If the game score turns out to be 0:0, 1:0/0:1, 2:0/0:2, 2:1/1:2 or 2:2, the bet wins.


Parimatch bookmaker offers this betting option when a meeting between a clear favorite and an underdog takes place where one of the teams is stronger than the other. In order to virtually equalize the chances of winning, the bookmaker gives the leading team a minus number of points or gives the outsider a plus number of points before the start of the competition.

If Bettery bets on a handicap, it will win if the difference between the scores of the two teams does not exceed the handicap at the end of the contest.

Multiple bets

This kind of pairing is recommended for more experienced users who are familiar with the different types of betting. There are several variants of multiple pairs in parimatch bk.

  • The simplest type of the complex bet, combining several ordinaries at the same time. It is possible to combine bets made according to the consequences of events in different sports.
  • The odds in this case multiply, which allows you to get a bigger reward. However, remember that a bet will pay only if all of the singles included in it win.
  • Antiexpresses. A relatively new betting type. Its difference from the ordinary express is that the bet wins, provided that none of the results passes. Thus the higher the probability of a passage of a specific result, the lower the odds on the bet.
  • Lucky. This is a kind of “mix” of express and single bet. The essence of the bet is that the player bets on the results in a single “Lucky” coupon, and the bookmaker independently distributes them into expresses and singles. To win, it is enough for at least one bet to play.
  • System. A combination of several expresses, the odds on which are multiplied with each other. It is possible to win here, even if any of the bets turns out to be a loser. This type of bet is quite difficult for beginners to understand. It is used mainly by experienced bettors.

Additional bets

This direction includes all kinds of bets that cannot be attributed to the standard single or multiple bets. A huge variety of additional markets is present in soccer. Here users are offered to bet:

  • on the exact score in the match;
  • the winner of the first half;
  • the player, who will score a goal;
  • the number of teams to score (only one or both);
  • events in a certain segment of the same game;
  • yellow and red cards.

There are a huge number of variants of such pairings. The betting markets differ depending on the selected sport. The variation of available results here is directly dependent on the performance of the event itself.


Overview of betting company PariMatch

How do I start betting on sports online?

To make a bet for real money over the Internet, a user must register on the site of the bookmaker’s office of his choice and make a deposit.

Experts recommend choosing an online betting site responsibly – only open an account at a reliable, trusted site with a good rating. There are many ratings and reviews of online betting providers that help you make this choice.

When registering, many bookies give a congratulatory bonus to newcomers. Before accepting it, read the wagering conditions offered. Be prepared for the fact that the starting bonus will need to be played a certain number of times.

The first bet should not be made “at random”. If you are not sure what result to bet on, use a proven sports forecast.


Where to bet on sporting events?

You should choose a betting company according to several important characteristics:

  • The office should work legally (have a license). Check whether you can, as a citizen of your country, register on the platform you like and place bets (there is no ban for citizens of your country).
  • Make sure that you are comfortable using the site and that its functionality is sufficient for betting in pre-match and real time.
  • Check the odds level. Compare them on the same events with a few other betting shops.
  • Make sure that the breadth of the spread on “your” sporting events is sufficient.
  • There are no restrictions in the choice of betting options.
  • The presence of lucrative bonuses with transparent wagering terms is an additional plus for choosing a betting company.
  • Factors such as ease of deposit and withdrawal are also important. Make sure that you will be able to deposit money in a convenient way (using a bank card, for example, or electronic money transfer system) and withdraw it from your account if necessary.
PariMatch is the best betting company

Can I bet small amounts of money on sports?

Small betting on sports is not only possible, but necessary. Learn from the very beginning to distribute your finances wisely. Never bet 100% of your available deposit on one result. Remember that betting the bank, you risk not just losing all the money at once, but also miss the opportunity to make other bets and, perhaps, “win back” a loss.

A single bet should never exceed an amount equal to 1/4. Ideally, no more than 5% of your total deposit per bet. Remember, it is better to stack the most elaborate pair with the highest odds on a small amount than the other way around.


What’s the upside of betting on online sporting events today?

Just a few years ago, to make a bet on sporting events, you had to go to the bookmaker’s office – a land-based betting outlet. Today with the advent of online betting the situation has noticeably changed for the better for the players. Online betting parimatch betting company provides a lot of advantages for betting connoisseurs:

You save time and can bet at any convenient time. This is especially convenient because a huge number of sporting events in the world take place in a different time zone. Previously, betting in live mode was almost impossible. So was adjusting bets as needed.

Online betting is a great opportunity to place bets at different BKs (not just the one closest to work or home ground). Modern bettors can use multiple betting sites at the same time.

Correctly placing sports bets provides good odds of winning and allows you to increase your initial investment in games an unlimited number of times.

The main thing the user should remember is to never give in to emotions, take failures calmly and analyze losses carefully, so as not to make mistakes when making sports betting in the future.


Betting on sports is not just gambling excitement. Experienced bettors have long used betting as a tool to generate additional income. Getting to know the world of the online betting industry will also allow you to place really profitable bets with a high probability of winning on parimatch official website.