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Since cricket matches take place throughout the year, this provides almost unlimited betting opportunities. This popular sports discipline is popular all over the world and quite profitable for bettors. To get acquainted with all types of bets, predictions and other information, you should try PariMatch cricket betting. This site accepts players from Thailand.

The site highlights the main events in this area. Cricket tournaments today are held in several formats:

  • First level matches — long meetings of national teams and local championships, where participants compete in game tactics for 3–5 days;
  • One-day (ODI) — an option when the fate of the team is decided within one day, has a limited number of overs (a series of 6 innings);
  • T20 or “Twenty” are also matches with a limited number of overs, but the meetings between the teams are the fastest (3.5 hours).

Depending on which betting option the bettor chooses, they can change the forecasts, and, accordingly, the odds. Therefore, beginners need to study the rules of cricket in great detail before creating a bet.


Latest Cricket Betting Tips

In order to bet on cricket online PariMatch without errors and profitably, you need to understand what factors affect the outcome of the event. This sport is specific and has many such factors. So the first tip is to consider:

  • the team plays at home or away, often this affects the performance;
  • weather forecast in the region, as the competitions are held in the open air;
  • the physical form of the team, were there any disqualifications, injuries of strong players, etc.;
  • what format of the meeting will the opponents have;
  • results of past games of individual teams and their previous personal meetings.

It is also very important to understand the quality of the preparation of the playing field. Here, just like in figure skating, if the field is poorly prepared, then no matter how professional the composition is, it can suffer from this. Therefore, if the athletes have to play on a field that was previously suspected of improper preparation, if blinding sun or rain is predicted, the team is away — all this can reduce their performance.

Also, the results of the draw can be attributed to cricket bet tips PariMatch. It is important to consider them before making a forecast. The thing is that the one who attacks first gets a slight advantage, and this affects the overall result of the meeting.

This is because before the start of the game:

  • fresh field;
  • unworn ball.

It is easier for a player to hit the ball as long as it bounces well from a flat area on the playing court. So the attacking first team, with due professionalism, seizes the initiative and gets the lead.

That is why those who are well versed in cricket betting are advised to do it in live, and not in pre-match.

How Do I Bet on Cricket?

At first, the rules of cricket, as well as betting on this discipline, seem confusing and complex. But once you make predictions several times, you get more experience. To develop useful skills, it makes sense to register and make Thailand cricket bet PariMatch. It is very easy to start betting on this site:

  1. Become a bookmaker client — create your profile and confirm contacts.
  2. Make a deposit of at least the minimum amount to activate the bonus offer.
  3. Go to the cricket section and find the event that interests you. There is a lot to watch in this section.
  4. Find a bet with a good odds and click on it. Your bet will be displayed on the right side of the coupon.
  5. Press the button to pay the bet.
  6. Wait for the results of the event.

This format is called a prematch and is convenient because you have a lot of time to think about the situation and predict.

But there is another betting option — this is live. Most bettors use it. Firstly, you can place bets taking into account the draw, and secondly, you can see the current situation on the field. But this is more difficult due to the fact that decisions need to be made quickly enough.

For live betting you need:

  1. Go to the event card after it has started.
  2. Familiarize yourself with the line (it will be seen how the coefficients change).
  3. Enable live broadcasting (there is a special button on our website for this).

Not all matches are available for viewing in this mode, however, we are trying to make as many events as possible possible to watch online without any problems.

For any of the formats, you can use the cricket bonus PariMatch. This is a bonus cash reward that can be taken to pay for a bet. Thus, you deprive yourself of the risk of losing your own money and get invaluable experience for free.


It is also worth mentioning the types of bets that you can make on our sites. The line is usually wide, but depends on the format of the match and its scale. Most Popular:

  • the main outcome (who will win the competition as a whole);
  • double chance (two outcomes at the same time);
  • handicap (bets with points that give an advantage to players);
  • total (over/under the number of points, even/odd, etc.);
  • player statistics;
  • match statistics;
  • the result of the first inning (so as not to wait for the end of the whole match);
  • draw result.

A draw happens in the matches of the first level, so sometimes it can be found in the painting on the main outcome.

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Cricket Betting App

Since it is not always convenient to place bets from a computer, we offer our services for mobile users as well. After all, sometimes the match starts when you are on the road, busy with daily activities and just can not be tied to one place.

We offer two options for convenient use of our site from phones. First, you can always log into your account through a mobile browser. The site pages are adapted for small screens, and all functions will be available to you in a convenient way.

Secondly, you can use the cricket bet app PariMatch. A link to download it can be found on the website. For mobile users, all bonuses, live broadcasts and other features are available, thanks to which betting on this sport will be easy and understandable.

So we are waiting for all fans of this discipline on our website. A wide list, analytical information and a display of all important matches are always available to players.