How to bet on Counter-Strike GO in 2023

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We know that shooters are very popular games. Due to their dynamism and active gameplay, they maximally involve not only the gamers themselves, but also outside observers. That is why Counter Strike Global Offensive betting PariMatch is in demand.

The game is interesting to watch, it has clear rules and an impressive style of wrestling. Therefore, we have made it so that you can not only place bets on different teams participating in tournaments, but also watch the gameplay live.


What is CSGO & How is the game played

Shooters are a popular genre of computer games. They differ from the rest in that the main goal here is to kill, and the basis of the gameplay is the use of firearms. CS:GO is one of the most famous games in this genre. It is familiar to everyone who has ever been interested in computer games.

The mechanics is very simple: 2 teams play, each of which has 5 people. They are placed on certain cards (there are many different ones, and each differs from the others not only in design, but also in goals), choose weapons and armor for themselves, which should help them win.

One of the teams plays the role of terrorists, the second — counter-terrorists. The goal of the former is to plant the bomb and make sure it explodes. The terrorists must kill the defenders so that they do not interfere with their plan. Counter-terrorists, in turn, must destroy all opponents, and then defuse the bomb.

The game consists of two periods, which are divided into 15 rounds. In the second period, the players change places.

The duration of the round is 1 minute 45 seconds. This explains why time flies by so quickly while watching or playing CS:GO. It becomes clear that the tournament in this discipline does not last long. Its maximum duration is a little over 52 minutes. If a team wins most of the rounds, then the competition may end early. It will depend on the format of the championship. You can find out what competitions will be held in the near future in the PariMatch CS GO section.

A Brief History of CSGO betting

The game itself appeared back in 1999, and players who liked it began to participate in tournaments in the early 2000s. Literally a few years later, it became a mega-popular esports discipline.

The CS:GO version came out later — in 2012. And this time just became the heyday of online betting. Due to the high popularity of this shooter, bookmakers began to accept bets on tournaments on this game. This is how this type of betting was born.

Counter-Strike itself has always been a participant in various tournaments, for example, WCG or IEM. But when the new version was released in 2012, they began to hold larger tournaments for it, with prize pools reaching millions of dollars.

Today, you can bet on such events online, without looking up from watching the match itself. All this is available on our website in one place. You can use any currency, including bitcoin betting CS GO PariMatch. We tried to make it so that everyone could bet on their favorite shooter with maximum convenience.

How to Bet on CSGO

Making your first bet is no easy task. In order not to get confused, you need to follow a step-by-step plan. Thanks to the CS:GO betting guide PariMatch, even a beginner can handle this task. So:

  1. First register on the site. We accept players from Thailand without restrictions.
  2. Top up your account. This is required to place a bet. You will also receive bonus money so as not to risk personal funds at first.
  3. Go to the esports section (it’s in the main menu of the site).
  4. Choose the discipline and match you are interested in. It can be a match where your favorite team is participating or just the closest meeting.
  5. Check out the betting line and odds.
  6. Click on the bet that you think is winning.
  7. Enter the amount you want to bet in the coupon on the right. Your bet has been placed!


We also have a live betting feature on our site. When the competition starts, you can watch it live and place bets at the same time. This is very cool, because you can navigate along the way and catch profitable moments.

In addition to the usual single bet, you can create an express bet, that is, combine several outcomes. Their coefficients are summed up and you get several times more profit. However, such a bet will play only if each outcome is predicted correctly. In the event that one of them fails, the entire express burns out.

You can do all this on our website from a computer, through a mobile browser, as well as using the CS GO betting app PariMatch. Just download the application, go to your personal account using your data and look for the desired tournament. All functions remain available, including live viewing of competitions.

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CSGO Betting Tips

There are many things to consider when betting. In addition to basic recommendations, such as responsible gambling and managing your finances, we can give you other CS GO PariMatch betting tips.

Before making a prediction, be sure to consider the following factors:

  • Team rating: what place they occupy in the standings. This is not always an indicator of professionalism, but it gives a general idea of ​​the skills of the teams.
  • Statistics of recent matches: with whom the team played, were they weak or strong rivals, in which tournaments, what were the results, etc. This shows the current form of the players.
  • Head-to-head statistics: whether the opponents have met before and what results they showed. This is important to take into account, since there are teams of the same strength, which are simply inconvenient to play together and one of them loses.
  • Choice of cards. This is a striking indicator, since one team cannot play equally well on all maps. That is why, before the start of tournaments, each of them has the right to cross out locations where they feel insecure.

There are many strategies that will help you not to drain all the money. However, these tips are always relevant and are used by all bettors. Without a preliminary analysis, it is impossible to make a successful bet. Therefore, be sure to take this into account, and then make predictions for Parimatch!