Dota 2 Betting Review

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This world-famous game is also included in the TOP 3 most popular cyber disciplines. Dota 2 is the first game that was presented at The International in 2011 at the testing stage. In the next competition for this game, the prize fund will reach $40 million. This is an absolute record — no other representative of eSports has reached such a mark.

For gamers and people interested in eSports from Thailand, we offer Dota 2 bet PariMatch. A convenient site for placing bets, building your own strategy and making money is always at your service.


Dota 2 Betting – How Does it Work?

Tournaments in this game are held between several teams. Each of them has its own skills, play style and other individual qualities. People who understand this topic can make predictions on possible outcomes. And they always have the opportunity to put money on this outcome and earn. After all, each outcome in the bookmaker’s office has its own coefficient — a multiplier by which the bet is multiplied if the bet wins.

To keep bettors entertained, we offer several betting options. Here is a list of the main ones:

  • on the outcome: who will win the entire competition or only on a specific map;
  • for total: the number of maps, wins of one or the other team (for example, over/under);
  • on a handicap: bet on the difference in the score the team will lose or win;
  • the number of murders (by total);
  • the duration of the fights (according to the model of bets on the total);
  • first kill: which team will kill one of the opponents first;
  • killing Roshan: which team will do it first.

These are short-term bets that are associated with only one meeting. But you can also make longer-term predictions, for example, what place the team will take in the tournament. In any case, before that, you need to do a Dota 2 bet analysis PariMatch. Otherwise, it will simply be incomprehensible to you how to make the correct forecast and what certain outcomes mean in general.

For example, Roshan is a big villain, something like “The Boss”, for killing which the team gets some benefits. If you do not know who it is, you can miss a good chance to earn extra money.

To place a bet, you need to follow a Dota 2 betting guide PariMatch:

  1. Become a full-fledged client of the site (create and fill out your profile, as well as replenish your account).
  2. Go to the eSports section.
  3. Select Dota 2 discipline.
  4. Find the nearest or most interesting match.
  5. Select a bet, click on it and enter the amount you want to spend.

To do this, you can use bonus funds. To get them, check out the offers section on our website. This money will become for you an analogue of the risk-free rate.


What to Know Before Dota 2 Betting

First you need to understand that there is Dota 2 money betting PariMatch in prematch and live mode. To choose one of them, you need to weigh the pros and cons.

By betting live, you get a number of advantages. At a minimum, you are completely immersed in the process, feel all the dynamics and tension of betting. Also, with the ability to quickly analyze and adapt to the situation, you can make a more accurate forecast.

The downside is a small betting line. When the match starts, some bets disappear, as they are no longer so relevant and risky. As a rule, in live there are predictions for the main outcome and fights on other maps.

If you bet in pre-match, you get a wider line of bets, which is very cool, as it brings more variety. But you won’t see which heroes the players have chosen. And this largely affects the outcome of the event. There are the strongest heroes that can help beat the leader in the tournament, even if an outsider is fighting against him.

Moreover, there are more than 100 different characters in the game. Their choice is called the Draft. They all differ from each other in abilities, and can also interact differently with other team members.

It is desirable to know the characteristics of at least their main part in order to be able to predict more accurately, given the composition of the team. In addition, you need to deeply understand the rules of this game.

betting parimatch dota 2

Dota 2 Betting Tips

The first thing you need to do is a preliminary analysis. For his objectivity, you need to follow the teams, understand their features, and also be well acquainted with the game itself. So here are the main Dota 2 bet tips PariMatch:

  • Evaluate how successful the draft was for the teams and whether they are equivalent after that in terms of heroes;
  • Decide which style the teams prefer to play. Many top teams play unpredictably, so they outperform those who prefer a more academic style. And some choose aggressive behavior and try to capture enemy territory as quickly as possible.
  • Signatures of players are the favorite heroes of the gamer, on which he shows the maximum of opportunities. Find them out and, if the player has chosen such a character, we can assume the victory of such a team.
  • Team rating — shows the overall professionalism. In addition, you can evaluate the previous matches of the team, as well as personal meetings with an opponent.

Due to the importance of choosing heroes, it is still recommended to place bets right in the match. But for beginners, it can be too stressful, so they need to practice calmer pre-match betting.

Thanks to this, Dota 2 bet predictions PariMatch will be more reasonable and correct. In this case, you can not rely only on luck. Of course, there are teams whose results are difficult to predict. But this makes betting in this discipline even more interesting.

If you understand the rules of this game well and are interested in tournaments, then welcome to the Parimatch website. Wide lines, adequate odds that change smoothly in live mode, as well as analytical information on each team will help you make a profitable bet. You can always use the mobile version of the browser or the application to watch the game and bet from your phone. We wish you good luck in this difficult task!