Esports Betting: How To Bet on Esports in 2023

ESports Parimatch

We believe that eSports is no less important and interesting than regular sports. On the contrary, in modern realities, bookmakers must necessarily include it in the list of offers. This is why bet on eSport PariMatch is so popular.

Today, our site is happy to accept players from Thailand and other countries, offering bets on the top events in the world of gamers. You can always choose the current championship, get acquainted with the line of bets on it, and also watch the live broadcast directly on our website.


What are esports and esports betting anyway?

Cybersport, despite the fact that it does not look like ordinary sports (at least the physical form of the player is not important here), is officially recognized. These are competitions (individual or collective) in computer games.

And if in ordinary sports players pump muscles, run and adhere to a strict regimen, then here gamers pump other skills that relate to a specific computer game.

The most popular esports games:

  • Dota;
  • League of Legends;
  • CS:GO and others.

Championships can be national and world. They are held in playing halls, where fans can sit just like in stadiums. They are also broadcast on separate channels, and so that you do not have to look for them for a long time, you can always turn on the air on our website.

eSport online bet PariMatch are slightly different from the usual ones. There are options for betting on the main outcome (which team or gamer will win), but there are also more specific ones. Here is an example of some types:

  • handicap — bets on the advantage or lag of one team over the other, expressed in a certain number of points;
  • total — how many cards will be played, how many rounds, kills, etc., expressed in the format more / less than the number offered by the bookmaker;
  • statistics — a very interesting type of betting on who will kill first, total kills, the duration of the game on the map, and others;
  • specific — depend on the rules of the game, for example, in Dota it can be a bet on who will kill Roshan (the main monster) first, and in CS: GO how many kills there will be with a pistol, who will make the first kill of the enemy and, for example, whether a knife will be used.

In total, there are about 300 different types of bets in this area, since there are many games, and each of them has its own characteristics, according to which bettors make predictions. Therefore, PariMatch eSport betting real money is very exciting and every time you can try something new.

How to bet on esports for the first time

If you have never bet on the outcomes in computer competitions, then the first time it will be confusing and incomprehensible. But our PariMatch eSport betting guide will help you navigate the site. To start:

  1. Create your profile. Enter your login information, verify your contacts, and get access to all the features on the site.
  2. Top up your account. This will allow you to place bets and also receive the PariMatch eSport bonus betting. Thanks to this, the first attempt will be risk-free for you.

Now you have everything so that you can make a forecast and try to make money on it. Here’s what to do:

  1. Go to the esports section. All current championships and meetings of gamers will be displayed there.
  2. Choose a game whose rules and features you understand.
  3. Select the competition you are interested in.
  4. Familiarize yourself with the provided rates and odds on them. The lower the ratio, the more likely the outcome.
  5. Click on the bet you think will win.
  6. Pay the coupon in the menu on the right by depositing any amount to bet. You can use bonus funds.

That’s all! At the end of the match, or even earlier (depending on the type of bet), you will find out whether your prediction was successful or not. After that, your winnings will be credited to your account automatically.

This is how pre-match bets are made. But next to the esports section, you can see the inscription “Live”, which means that we have a live betting mode available. Making them is also very easy:

  1. Go to the event card when it has already started.
  2. Watch how the odds and the situation in the game change.
  3. Make a bet (just like in the previous case, just click on it and pay).

This type of betting is more dynamic and active. It requires the bettor to be able to make quick decisions and analyze the situation. Also, you must know the rules of the game and the features of the team well when making live predictions. Therefore, more experienced gamers resort to this type of bet more often.

ESports tips for betting

Top tips from our experts’ esports betting guide

In computer games, as in conventional sports, one cannot do without a preliminary analysis of data about teams or individual players. This is important for understanding the chances of opponents and the likelihood of certain outcomes. Therefore, before placing a bet, study the following information:

  • previous competitions of players — how successful they were;
  • previous personal meetings of opponents — who won, what tactics they chose;
  • what line-up of the team went to the game this time;
  • where the game is held, whether there are live spectators there or not (sometimes gamers are lost if they realize that hundreds of people are watching them in the hall).


In addition, there are many specific points for this area that also need to be taken into account. Here are some PariMatch eSport betting tips related to this:

  • consider the map where gamers play, as they show themselves differently in different locations;
  • in games like Dota, you need to pay attention to which heroes the team has chosen, sometimes the right choice increases the chances of outsiders;
  • try to use strategies and bet on a lagging favorite, for example, or vice versa, a promising underdog.

Of course, one cannot do without a precise understanding of the features of the game. Therefore, choose only those disciplines in which you yourself understand.

In the card of each meeting, you can find some analytical information and a button to activate the live broadcast, which will help you to enjoy the process to the fullest. We hope this will help you make correct predictions. We wish you successful bets!