Get to know exchange bets Parimatch

A betting exchange Parimatch is a site where you can bet on the results of sport and non-sport events with other guests of the portal, not the bookmaker. Having registered on the site, it is necessary not to bet but to bargain: it is possible to accept “strange” quotations and offer your own odds.

The first exchange services appeared only at the beginning of the 21st century. Because of the need to compete with them, online bookmakers were forced to reduce the terms of transferring winnings, lower withdrawal fees and lower margins.

Principle of operation of a betting exchange Parimatch

The main participants of betting exchanges:

  • Visitors – sellers. Those who offer other users to make pari match exchange bets on their own terms. Their goods – bets with specific parameters (competitions, odds, amounts of predictions). Sellers can be compared with bookmakers.
  • Visitors are the buyers. Those who accept the terms of the sellers (just like they would do in a bookmaker’s office) and buy bets.
  • Resource Administration. Those who organize the smooth operation of the “trading” site in the network, and take a percentage of each bet played.
  • Parimatch Exchange office – an analogue of the stock exchange. However, it is not bonds, stocks and other securities that are traded on the former. And quotes on the results of sporting, less often – political, cultural and other events.

Main differences between Parimatch betting exchange and bookmaker’s office

  • In a bookmaker’s office you have to bet with the bookmaker: he puts his money on the line. Then he gives it back if he loses, and takes all your money if he wins. In the bookmaker’s office you need to argue with the visitors of the portal, just like you. The exchange does not bear any financial risks. It only collects a commission from the winners.
  • In the exchange office you cannot refuse a forecast when the card with it has already been formed – no matter online or offline. You can sell it (not allowed in all offices and not for all matches) at a lower price, using the CashOut option. In the exchange office, if there are doubts about the victory of their outcome, you can close the dispute even before the end of the competition.
  • An important point: in the odds for any event bookmaker always puts a margin (a percentage of his guaranteed income). Therefore all quotations are understated, and not really reflecting the probability of winning outcomes. In the world of exchange bet Parimatch there are no margins, there is only a commission on winnings.
  • It is more profitable to agree to the exchange office commission, but not to the betting shop’s margin. The value of the latter varies from 3 to 10%, the size of the former – no more than 5%.

Advantages of Parimatch Exchanges

  • Lack of “cutting” limits of amounts of bets for the pros.
  • Fair and relatively higher and odds.
  • The ability to view the total amounts already passed on specific outcomes.
  • The accounts of “scorers” and other speculators are not blocked.
  • The absence of margin.
  • The ability to give the desired number of predictions for the match.

Consider these and other most important pluses in more detail.

Features of quotations

Visitors to the exchange offices, acting as sellers, can offer their own quotes. On average, their odds are 15-20% higher than those of “real” bookmakers. This gives the buyers an opportunity to make bets on the best conditions.

Please note: the phrase “offer their quotes” should not be understood too literally. BK select their odds objectively – only the margin is deducted from them. Do not rely on the fact that you can cheat other guests through inflated or undervalued FF.

Quotes change more dynamically than bookmakers, even before the events start. Thanks to this you can make money trading: track the fluctuations in odds, buy cheaper and sell more expensive.

No conflict situations

Specialized exchanges do not have disputes on large winnings payments (the amounts are blocked on the participants’ accounts in advance) or, for example, the calculation of ambiguous bets due to “vague wording” or double interpretation (they simply do not exist, each point is described in detail).

Resource owners are not personally interested in victories or losses of the participants. Their main goal – to take their percentage of the winning forecasts. If nothing is violated and everything happens by the rules, the administration does not interfere in the relationship between the buyers and sellers of bets.

Unlimited limits

The guests of exchanges are not limited in the amounts of bets made. Predictions can be made and accepted for tens or millions of euros and dollars. This is of great importance for professionals who cannot enrich themselves on sports betting just because of the cutting limits.

Disadvantages of betting exchanges Parimatch

Due to the fact that liquidity is formed by users’ funds, the office itself may not go bankrupt because of poorly chosen odds. But here appears the first “pitfall”. Active trading is observed only on popular markets (soccer, hockey, tennis, etc.).

Sellers may offer bets. And then wait for hours or even days until there are no buyers for their “goods”. If it’s an exotic discipline, like snooker or water polo, or a regional competition, it’s almost impossible to make a bet. If you go to a bookie, you won’t have that problem.

The list of disadvantages:

  • The need to wait for a buyer who wants to buy a bet with your terms.
  • Payment of a commission, albeit small, from each winnings.
  • Profitable quotations only on demanded competitions.
  • Low liquidity of secondary events.
  • A delay in the formation of lines.
  • Rather complicated for newcomers user interface.

The activity of exchange offices is forbidden in many countries around the world – resources are blocked by Internet service providers. Therefore, there is always a risk of losing access to the site.

Parimatch Betting exchanges are the market alternative to bookmakers. Here, the process of playing is more transparent and the quotes are much more profitable, but there are many nuances. This is a great choice for professional players or betting traders. Beginners and amateurs will ask themselves hundreds of questions when they first get acquainted with the betting exchange. So, before you play on the exchange, become successful at betting with bookmakers.