Football Betting in 2023

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Football is the world’s most popular sport. Therefore, in any bookmaker, including ours, you can find a wide list of events in this discipline. Of course, like any other sport, football has its own nuances and features that should be considered before making a prediction. Study them, draw conclusions, create your own strategies — all this is possible thanks to PariMatch football bet online.

To make modern online betting more convenient and accurate, we offer not only a wide line, but also a lot of useful information. We provide free data about each team, its latest matches and meetings with upcoming opponents. Therefore, now it has become much easier to make predictions.


How do I bet on Football?

In fact, there is absolutely nothing complicated about this. There is a separate section for football on our website. It contains all kinds of championships, friendly matches, national competitions and much more. This sports category has the largest selection of different events.

To get access to them, you need to become a full-fledged client, which means you need to create a personal account on our website. It only takes a couple of minutes of your time and contact details. After that, you will be able to replenish your account. This is necessary in order for you to receive the bonus and be able to use it for your first risk-free bet.

For registered users are available:

  • useful statistics: data on the latest matches of teams, their head-to-head matches and other analytical information has been collected for you in the public domain;
  • a list of all future matches with the date and time of the event, so that you know when the events will begin;
  • live broadcast of any match online directly on our website.

You can place single or multiple bets. In the first case, each coupon contains a separate event. In the second, several outcomes that you bet on are combined into one coupon. Your total winnings will be higher, but it will also depend on the winnings of each individual bet.

Also on the PariMatch bet on soccer is possible in pre-match and live mode. A prematch is when you pay a coupon before the event starts and then just wait for it to start. Live is when you place a bet after the start of the match, you can analyze the situation on the field and monitor changes in the odds. Each of the modes is interesting and beneficial in its own way. Beginners, of course, start with a prematch.

How do odds work on Football?

Odds are the first thing a bettor needs to focus on when making predictions for a football match. This is a number that expresses the probability of an event. You may notice that it is different in different bookmakers, this is because each bookmaker independently calculates the probability of a particular outcome.

To set the odds for a match, we study the analytical information that is also available to you on the site. If you place a bet and it is successful, then your amount will be multiplied by this coefficient and make a profit.

A simple rule works in this case: if you see the lowest odds, then this outcome is the most likely, and vice versa.

Other odds features:

  • they are not static and can change under the influence of various factors;
  • when you pay the bet, the coefficient is fixed, and if it then rises or falls, it will not affect you;
  • in live mode, the odds change before your eyes;
  • the most accurate indicator is always before the start of the match.

The factor is always expressed as a number, but the format may vary. The most popular is European or decimal because it is written as a decimal. There are also British (in the form of an ordinary fraction with a denominator and numerator) and American (plus and minus), they are also very popular. There are also lesser known Hong Kong, Indonesian and Malay odds.

On our site you can always set which format is the most convenient for you. When you open the list of matches, you will find the settings function, where you can change the display of odds. Thanks to this, it will be convenient for any person to build their soccer betting strategy PariMatch and calculate the possible profit.


Football Betting Guide for Beginners: Quick Tips

For beginners, it is always important to act step by step and thoughtfully, and not impulsively. You need to be careful to gain experience, and take as little risk as possible. When you learn how to make accurate predictions, you can increase the amount of bets and raise the bar — take risks.

Let’s start our soccer betting guide PariMatch with what betting format to choose. To do this, we compare the pros and cons of each of them.

Advantages of live betting:

  • you can adapt to the situation and win a convenient moment for a good forecast;
  • more complete immersion in the atmosphere of the match;
  • an engaging and dynamic betting process;
  • you can make a profit without waiting for the end of the match.


  • you need to be collected and not be distracted;
  • you need to be able to quickly analyze the situation.

For beginners, this can be stressful, so it is better for them to bet in pre-match. They are calmer and give a lot of time for analysis — this is their main plus.

If we talk about singles and express trains, then here too, not everything is clear. The advantage of the express is undeniable — it allows you to win more, as the odds are added. On the other hand, this is a minus — if one bet from the express does not play, then you will lose everything.

Parimatch football

By the way, we have ready-made collections of express trains on our website. We have done all the work for you, it remains only to choose which option seems most likely to you.

Thus, if you are a beginner and are not ready to take risks, bet on 1–2 outcomes. Or combine several outcomes in which you are sure of for sure, even if they have low odds.

In addition, we offer other PariMatch bet tips football. They are related to the pre-match analysis of some factors:

  • team composition — are there strong players, what positions they hold;
  • coaches — have they changed, what is the reputation of the coach, etc.;
  • motivation of athletes — how much they depend on the outcome of the match;
  • the latest results of the teams individually;
  • outcomes of their last face-to-face meetings;
  • performance of athletes on the road and in home matches;
  • possible injuries, disqualifications, yellow cards, etc.

All this directly or indirectly affects the outcome of the meeting. It is also interesting to watch the personal confrontation of individual players or entire teams — this also increases the degree of competition and makes bets more lively.

Join other players on our site and don’t forget that you can always use the football betting app PariMatch for easier data access. Good luck!