How to Bet on Kabaddi

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In addition to world-famous, popular and familiar sports, there are other, more specific ones. Interesting rules and unusual game play attract the attention of bettors to such disciplines. And one of these, of course, can be considered kabaddi. A very popular game in Asia can be called a regional one.

For residents of Thailand, online kabaddi betting PariMatch is always available. On our site you can bet on different outcomes in matches of this sport. The main thing is to become a registered user and don’t forget to make a deposit to get a cool bonus and test your ability to predict outcomes.

For kabaddi, we have allocated a separate section, which displays all upcoming events in this sport. We never miss a match so you always have something to do.


Kabaddi Rules

This game is fun, dynamic and fast. She is a specific hybrid of wrestling and tags. The unusual combination has found its largest fan base in India and other Asian countries. That is why kabaddi Thailand bet PariMatch is so popular.

The main advantage of this sport is the speed of matches. One match is divided into two halves of 20 minutes, that is, the total duration of the meeting is 40 minutes. The bettor does not need to wait a few days to understand whether his bet has played or not. If you bet before the start of the match, you can get your winnings in an hour.

So let’s talk about the rules.

  1. The playing field consists of two parts, on which the opponents are located (7 people from each team).
  2. Among the players there is a conditional division: invaders and defenders.
  3. At some point, the team chooses an invader, and he must go to the other side of the field and touch one of the players.
  4. Only after this moment will the defenders of the opposing team try to grab him.
  5. In order to escape, the invader must run to his own half of the field before being captured. In the game, it is also enough just to be behind the dividing line with some part of the body (leg, arm or head).
  6. He needs to return to his field within 30 seconds.
  7. If the invader managed to get out, then the opponent he touched is out of the game.
  8. If it fails, then the opposing team sends their attacker.
  9. Points are awarded for the marked participant (whom the athlete touches), for the knocked out (if the defender stops the invader and he does not cross the line) and for crossing the bonus line (it is further from the dividing line).

There is also a funny rule: the participant must continuously shout the word “Kabaddi” while on the opponent’s side. It translates as “hold hands”. If he takes a break to catch his breath, then the opponent has the right to grab him.

Also, in addition to the 7 players who are initially on the field, each team has 5 substitutes. They are included in the game when one of their team drops out to replace the missing player.

PariMatch betting on kabaddi includes all popular events in this sport, including the Indian Pro League. The rules of the game are quite simple, so there is not a wide variety of specific bets here. Let’s talk about them further.

Kabaddi Betting Tips

Recommendations for creating bets on this discipline, in principle, are not much different from other sports. The secret of success lies in the preliminary analysis of various information that can affect the outcome of the match.

For example, it is very important to consider the following data:

  • whether there were injuries to strong and influential players from the team;
  • what was the schedule of the athletes: if they played home matches, they would not be as tired as after important competitions;
  • the results of the last meetings of the opposing teams;
  • individual results of each team separately;
  • permutations and changes in the composition and more.

To understand this, you need to regularly watch matches, as well as read the news in this area. Even the replacement of a coach affects the performance of the team and immediately increases the odds for its victory. Therefore, the main kabaddi betting tips of PariMatch is to conduct research and study all kinds of data about athletes.

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Also, in order to make predictions without errors, it is best to choose those types of bets that you understand. The most popular of them:

  • for the victory of one of the teams (this is called the main outcome);
  • to win in the first half of the game;
  • total (an indicator of a certain number of points, it can be of different types: over / under, even / odd);
  • handicap – bets with extra points that equalize the difference between the chances of teams;
  • individual totals (for some specific players).

On our website, the betting line is always described in detail. You can find out what this or that rate means. Therefore, it will be very easy for beginners to understand the intricacies of this matter.

As a result, we can say: for a successful bet, study analytical information and choose simple outcomes, and with more experience you can delve into this issue and make more unusual and risky bets.



Can I bet on this sport from my phone?

Of course, you can use the kabaddi betting app PariMatch to get instant access to the site anywhere you have an internet connection.

What types of rate are the most popular in kabaddi?

Without a doubt, these are bets on the total, as well as on the victory of one of the teams. Here, simple and understandable outcomes and always good odds.

Is it legal to make kabaddi predictions on the Parimatch website?

Yes, our site is completely legal and open to visitors from Thailand.