Live betting at Parimatch

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Betting on sports at Parimatch can be done in two modes. The first is called “pre-match”, which is when the bet is made before the start of a sporting event. The second is called “live” – this is when the bet is made during the sporting event. Live betting Parimatch review below.

Live sports betting is becoming more and more popular every year thanks to the development of technology and the spread of mobile internet. Players are attracted to this betting option for several reasons. First of all, it lets them feel involved in the event, secondly, it adds some extra emotions while watching the match, and thirdly, in this case, one does not have to wait long for his/her bet to be calculated – the result of the prediction becomes known as soon as possible, right in the course of the game.


Live Betting review

Betting company Parimatch has one of the best live betting lines on the market. This applies to both pre-match and in-play. The huge coverage of events in the bookmaker’s office constantly attracts new players. Sports betting at Parimatch is rich not only in the number of events, but also in the depth of coverage. “Parimatch live has the best offering in terms of the variety of live events. 

Live betting Parimatch guide – the live betting section of the Parimatch website can be accessed by clicking on the tab in the top menu. The page has the ability to add matches to “Favorites”, as well as filters according to sports and championships. Matches with video broadcasts are listed in the line-up. Search for sports events by keyword on the site of the office there is no.

The choice of live events is not bad, although it is lower than that of some competitors or in pre-match with Parimatch itself – in this regard, the bookmaker is among the leaders in the ranking. This difference is particularly noticeable for youth team matches and regional competitions.

The users of Parimatch like a wide range of events for betting, good odds and the application. Complaints are about withdrawal problems, suspicion of multi-accounting by security and the rapid reduction of the maximum bet amount after a few winnings.

Bookmaker’s office Paris Match has created its own live mode, which has a set of interesting features: selection by sport, the ability to watch broadcasts and make one-click bets. In live mode, the bookmaker’s margin remains the same as before the event of interest, and the odds, which may seem low, are sure to be compensated by the variety of markets.

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What types of bets are available in live betting?

Betting site Parimatch live does not differ from the pre-match. Betting company offers the same three types of bets:

  • Odds;
  • Parlay; 
  • Express;
  • System.

But if we talk about the variety of live betting in Parimatch, the Parimatch line surpasses most competitors in this sense. In addition to standard outcomes, totals and forwards you can bet on individual episodes of the match depending on the sport.


Live odds size

Live betting Parimatch Thailand is not known for very generous odds. Much depends on the level of importance of the event. But if you compare it with the prematch, Parimatch’s live betting margins will always be higher. This is due to unnecessary risks, because in LIVE the line is not as accurate, and you need to react very quickly to all the changes. The bookmaker prefers to over-insure himself and puts the margin higher than the standard one in order to make extra profit. In Live, this is done in an artificial way.

Also in live, the maximum bet may be lower than in pre-match. Although it depends on the volume of bets for a particular event. The line for today is created in advance, but all changes in the course of the match are made in real time.

Usually, the live betting at Parimatch starts with a margin of 5%. But if it will be a match from a minor league or unknown teams at all, then the value rises to 6-9%. The bettor will not be able to bet much either. The client gets to watch the game live and analyze what is going on, but in exchange has to sacrifice odds and his own profits. At Parimatch, live betting is no different from the competition in this respect.

Tips and strategies for live betting at Parimatch

To bet more effectively at Parimatch, we recommend using live betting Parimatch strategy. There’s plenty of choice, with a different approach for every popular sport.

One of the most popular ones is the overtake strategy. In basketball, you can bet up to 4 times in a single event (in every quarter); in tennis, even more (in every game). Parimatch users like the fact that it takes minimum time and there is always a chance to win back.

Among other strategies, we would single out late goals in football (after 80 minutes) or a result-oriented game after a dry first half. The idea is that the teams will pick up towards the end of the game, the trailing team will try to catch up and the bettors will get a chance to win. Parimatch is great at highlighting such moments with its betting offers. For newcomers, it’s a good opportunity to get to grips with the intricacies and gain experience, while experienced players have already learned how to make money from it.

Tips for Live Betting

One of the biggest mistakes in online sports betting is to focus only on the low odds, i.e. the temporary favourite of the match. As mentioned above, the result can change several times over the course of the game, either in one direction or the other.

Often players like to bet on the current score in the hope that nothing will happen in the remaining time. This is a big misconception that can lead to losses. Under no circumstances should you gamble wildly, expecting that the winner is clear and that nothing will happen in the time remaining.

You should not bet on obvious mistakes in the bookmaker’s line. Moreover, you should not bet on a “fork” in this situation. If such a bet is successful, the bookmaker’s office is likely to make a refund – you won’t pocket anything, but there is always a risk of losing money in sport.

A sporting event is a dynamic phenomenon, often with an intricate plot, in which the “expected” outcome can change repeatedly. Sometimes these changes occur in relatively short intervals of time, and sometimes they occur instantaneously! Making live bets, you can both win a lot (with a favorable set of circumstances and luck), and very quickly lose your whole bank. The process of live betting is very similar to stock trading, so it is the lot of experienced bettors, but for beginners, who do not know a lot of nuances, it is better to stick to live betting Parimatch tips, as it can be fraught with losing money.


Statistics and infographics

Modern betting companies are trying to attract players by creating extra features. Live betting has also changed. Thus, the websites of most domestic legal bookmakers in many sports events on the live line added the ability to follow the events on the field online: somewhere for this purpose using live match broadcasts, somewhere everything is displayed in an infographic. Other features for live betting include the availability of statistical facts, the history of personal meetings, the standings, etc.

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User-friendly interface and strong mobile site

As the popularity of mobile betting increases, Parimatch has introduced two versions of the mobile live betting Parimatch app for popular platforms: Android and iOS. The functionality of the mobile client is not inferior to the main website. Users can make financial transactions, view betting history, make bets, watch live broadcasts and contact the support team. Users can register directly through the app or log in with their existing login details (registration has been completed earlier on the website).

Go to the live betting section. To access it, select the Live Betting section in the top menu. A list of current events and a sports selector will appear. There is also a section on the website called “Upcoming Matches”, which is a list of events that will soon be in live betting.

Select the match. To do this, select a sport and a tournament from the menu of the section. On the site live betting Parimatch menu is on the left, in the mobile version and the Parimatch app – on top. If you bet through the app, use the search – the button is in the top right corner of the screen.

Add any event to the coupon. A coupon is a list of selected events for betting. There can be more than one event in a slip: if one is selected, it is an order, if two or more, it is a live express or a system. In order to add an event, you need to click on any of the quotes, e.g. the outcome, the handicap or the total. You cannot add events from the same match to the same slip.

Each event in the Parimatch Live betting list has the elapsed time, current score and basic quotes: outcomes, handicaps and totals. To see all the options for betting on a match, click on the match name.

Wait for the calculation of the bet. A Parimatch live bet can be settled during or after the match, depending on what you have bet on. For example, betting on the victory in the first half is calculated after 45 minutes of the match, and for the total over 2,5 – at the end of the meeting. The list of the calculated and uncalculated bets can be found in the personal cabinet.

Withdraw your winnings or make the next bet. You can withdraw money from Parimatch to a bank card, wallets, bank account. There is no withdrawal fee in Parimatch, but it may be charged by your bank, so check your fare rules before you withdraw.


 Cash Out Mid-Match

Parimatch betting company offers players the option of Cash Out, which allows you to withdraw money before the end of a sporting event. If successful, your bet will be sold and the amount equal to the selling price will be added to your balance.

Cash Out is a convenient option for the player to settle his bet early, without waiting for the end of the match or event. You should use this service if you are not sure if the match/event will end well for you. You should be aware that the early betting amount offered by the bookmaker will almost always be lower than the amount you originally wagered.