League of Legends Betting Review

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This multiplayer game is very popular. Since 2011, a world championship has been held on it, in which only the best teams enter. Their list is formed on the basis of professional leagues, which are usually held in the summer.

The genre of the game is MOBA, that is, the game is multiplayer and teams of 5 people participate in tournaments. This makes bet on LOL PariMatch very interesting.

To date, the discipline is one of the five most popular in eSports. And it’s not easy. The thing is that it has bright graphics, dynamic gameplay and a large selection of different characters. They differ among themselves in classes, external characteristics, skills and even history.

They are what make bet LOL esports PariMatch so exciting. Any tournament starts with choosing 5 characters to play and locking 5 characters so that they cannot be chosen by opponents. But this is not all that you should pay attention to when betting.


League of Legends Betting Odds

Game championships are held quite often, so you will always find something to do on our website. When you open the event card, you will see the betting line. The larger the event, the larger and more detailed it is. It contains different types of bets with odds. Here is a list of those that can be considered the most popular in online betting League of Legends PariMatch:

  • the main outcome is victory in the competition;
  • victory in a certain game;
  • first blood — who will make the first kill (team or specific player);
  • exact score for killed characters at the end of the round;
  • total for the number of destroyed structures, for murders, individual indicators, etc.;
  • total for killing the main monster Nashor;
  • which team will take the Dragon to get a boost;
  • handicap — bets with an advantage or lag in certain rounds or in general for the entire match;
  • bet on the most productive player;
  • long-term predictions — who will advance to the semi-finals or finals, for example.

It is possible to list what rates there are for a very long time. This game is full of different heroes, monsters and features, which is why League of Legends betting PariMatch is not so easy.

But back to the stakes. Each outcome has its own probability. It is calculated from a preliminary analysis of not only the teams of gamers themselves, but also the game. Bookies calculate the odds percentage and then translate this into a numerical form. Thus, a coefficient is obtained.

They come in the form of decimals — this is the most popular format. To understand how much you will receive if the forecast turns out to be correct, you need to multiply the amount of your bet by the coefficient.

Usually the multiplier is low if the probability of the event is high. Conversely, the less likely the outcome, the higher the coefficient will be on it. After all, the risk of the bettor should be justified if the bet still plays.

Another important point about the coefficients is that they can change over time. Under the influence of various factors (including the choice of game characters), the multiplier may decrease or increase. It is fixed when you pay the bet. Therefore, it is in your interest to make it at a good moment, when the risk of price changes is already low.

How to Bet on LOL?

Even a beginner can easily figure out how to place a bet on our site. We have done our best to make this process clear and easy.

So, the first task for you is to create an account on the Parimatch website. It only takes a couple of minutes and does not require any serious personal information from you, such as passport details and verification.

Next, you need to fund your account. With a zero deposit, you will not be able to place a bet in any way. In addition, for depositing funds, you get the League of Legends betting bonus PariMatch, which can then be used instead of your money for betting.

When this is done, you need to:

Go to the eSports section.

  1. Find discipline there lol.
  2. Select the tournament you are interested in.
  3. Find out the time and date of the next competition.
  4. Choose the one you feel comfortable watching.
  5. View the betting line, read analytical data to add up a more accurate forecast.
  6. Click on the bet and enter the amount in the coupon on the right.


That’s all! It remains only to wait for the moment when it will be clear whether you made the prediction correctly or not.

By the way, you can place bets with us not only before the start of the match, but also live. We have live streaming available. You will be able to watch how gamers play LOL, while placing bets based on what is happening on the cards.

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League of Legends Betting Tips

As in any sport, in computer games you need to conduct pre-match analytics. It includes information about where teams are in the rankings, how well they perform, what style they have, etc. It will also be useful to look at previous meetings of rivals in order to understand gamers better.

You need to understand that successful League of Legends betting predictions PariMatch are possible only for those who understand this game and the features of the lore. Win-win strategies, alas, do not exist here. But there are some tips that can help you win more often:

  • choose a live betting mode, as you will know which heroes the gamers have chosen;
  • place a bet immediately after choosing a character, when the odds have not yet been changed;
  • the team that first killed the main boss wins the round in most cases (about 70%), so you can try to bet on the outcome after this moment;
  • the destruction of the first tower is a good time to bet on a handicap, as the team gains an advantage and the probability of winning increases;
  • The safest betting method is the handicap.

Another non-obvious advice — play this game yourself. Get to know its features, nuances and meaning. This will help you better understand what is happening during the competition. In eSports, without understanding discipline, you can’t go anywhere. Just like in regular sports. So your success will depend not only on luck, but also on the ability to quickly make decisions and analyze the situation from different angles.