PariMatch Verification

PariMatch verification
Verification in PariMatch

The popular BK Parimatch has been in demand for many years! Many players visit this place every day and win good amounts of money! This service attracts attention with its convenience and variety of bets!

Before you start to understand the verification procedure on the site of the bookmaker’s PariMatch, you need to understand what it is. This term refers to the process of confirming the identity of the user by providing the appropriate documents.

The office requires data from the client’s passport for his subsequent identification. This way, the bookmaker can verify that the bettor is of legal age, and also protects itself from multiple registrations by the same user.

Verification often comes up in negative or ambiguous reviews of the PariMatch bookmaker’s work. PariMatch considers this data verification procedure necessary for each withdrawal from the account and conducts it after the registration of the account. Clients of the betting company tell us how long it takes to verify at PariMatch and how many documents are required. However, it is the security of customers and their accounts that this verification is aimed at.


Verification in PariMatch: why?

Bookmaker’s office PariMatch accepts bets online. With such a partnership with customers, it is particularly important to secure accounts and personal data from fraudsters. For each user to be confident in the state of his gaming account and the honesty of other bettors, there is verification. PariMatch requires new and returning customers to verify that the details entered on the form match reality:

  • The player has to meet the age limits stipulated by law. The verification helps to identify underage bettors who have used other people’s documents;
  • Verification helps to identify “scalpers”, i.e., players who, in the pursuit of big winnings, violate the rules of the betting company and have more than one account;
  • The bookmaker restricts the withdrawal of funds from the account until the verification is completed, to make sure that it is the owner of the game deposit who makes the withdrawal request. This will secure the account against fraudsters taking possession of the bettor’s username and password.

Thus, PariMatch considers verification to be a perfectly justified step, which is primarily useful for bettors themselves. A player should understand that verification is primarily important to him:

  • The player is protected from fraud by unscrupulous bookmakers. If a legitimate bookmaker fails to pay out money to its clients, there will be a big fuss.
  • A PariMatch player is protected from having his account hacked. No one will be able to bet on your behalf, as the account is registered to your personal details only.
  • No one will steal personal data, as it is stored in the database of the betting company. And there is protection at every step.
PariMatch identity verification
PariMatch identity verification, how it happens

How does PariMatch verification work?

The user verification procedure on the site of the bookmaker PariMatch can be divided into several stages:

  • Account creation. After going to the site of the office, the user needs to click on the “Registration” button.
  • Then, a registration form will appear in front of him, where he must enter personal information and contact phone number.
  • Then a message will come to the e-mail address, confirming the account opening.
  • Then you have to go directly to the confirmation of identity. To do this you will need to take a picture or scan the first page of your passport as well as your Tax ID number. In addition, you must take a picture of your face, along with your ID, and a piece of paper that says: “For PariMatch “. Upload the photos on the website, and wait for confirmation of identification from the company.

Please note that if our staff have any concerns about the validity of the details you have supplied they may request to see you in person. This will be done by a visit to the branch office. You need to go there with your passport, which you need to give to the operator. He will then verify your details against the database, and then verify your account.
Then you can start playing the game without any limitations.

You can be verified either upon registration (right after filling in all the fields in the questionnaire) or before the first withdrawal

Often bettors do not fill in all the fields in the questionnaire, which complicates the verification, as well as refuse to upload the documents to the website. However, there is no way around this point, so it is better to prepare for verification in advance:

  • Consistently complete all fields of the form. If in the course of verification, it turns out that you have made a mistake, the moderator has the right to block the account pending clarification.
  • Attach the scanned copies of the required documents to the relevant fields. Be prepared for a second request from the moderator or a request for other documents; make copies in good time. As a rule, complaints about how long it takes to verify with PariMatch are due to the reluctance or unwillingness of users to upload documents to the site.
  • Indicate in the form only personal valid contacts, be in touch to resolve any issues on time.
  • Be prepared for verification if you connect bonus programs or withdraw funds from your account.

What should I do if I need to verify again?

A video conference may be requested, during which the user will be asked various questions relating to the betting that has taken place. If you answer incorrectly, the BK staff can conclude that another person made the bets, and block the account.

The Hockey Player, PariMatch
Verification may take longer if the bettor didn’t attach the documents


How long does it take to verify with PariMatch?

The most common question raised by PariMatch verification is how long it can take.
The duration of verification depends on two parameters:

  • The workload of the moderators;
  • The preparation of the bettor himself.

If the user has played fairly, has been working with PariMatch for a long time, completed the application form, timely notification of changes, and did not violate the rules, the bookmaker’s office will conduct verification in a few days.

Usually, 3 working days are stipulated. Verification may take longer if the bettor didn’t attach the documents, doesn’t get in touch, and ignores the moderator’s requests.

Do not be tied to a specific date when you plan to withdraw money. Verification may take too long and you will not be able to withdraw funds until the verification is completed.